The Pirate King Returns

Some naughty thoughts that produce super monsters from another side of the galaxy is sure to blow minds. Literally. Monday, June 26, Toonami released information on their Facebook page that they will be creating a continuation of the hit show FLCL. Co-produced by Production I.G., the new season will be split into 2 seasons and… Continue reading The Pirate King Returns


The Golden Age!! The Best Time For Anime.

The Golden Age of anime has to be my favorite. Not only because that was when the boom of anime occurred with works like Akira, Dragonball, and Mobile Suite Gundam but that also was the time when there seemed to be more focus on vibrant colors and shading. Not to say that anime released today… Continue reading The Golden Age!! The Best Time For Anime.

The Twelve Apostles After taking a break from the Outback in Forza Horizon 3, I made my way back to reacquaint myself with my stable of horses and drifting skills. It's good to know that those skills haven't diminished much during my time away. Along with brushing up on my drifting, I was reminded why… Continue reading

E3 Public Access!! Am I Dreaming?!

It has been a long-standing dream of mine to attend the most prestigious gaming convention in the world, E3!! I remember when I was 18 (circa 2003), I made up my mind to save up money to make the journey to Los Angeles for one of the greatest conventions, in my opinion. When I checked… Continue reading E3 Public Access!! Am I Dreaming?!

Absolve The Button Mashers of Their Evil Ways!

When I was younger, I loved playing fighting games with my brothers. Games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Nightstalkers. The only issues we ever had was they would often lead to actual fights. Whether it would be from being cheap as I would say, which would happen most in Mortal Kombat. That was when… Continue reading Absolve The Button Mashers of Their Evil Ways!

Get Schwiffty!! Pokemon Meets Rick and Morty.

I saw a commercial for a mobile app with singing monsters a while back and thought it looked cool but never downloaded it. Yes, I don’t just play Xbox. 😀 A couple of nights ago I saw the commercial again and decided to give it a try. It was called My Singing Monsters. Fun game… Continue reading Get Schwiffty!! Pokemon Meets Rick and Morty.

Super Nintendo Classic Mini!! Oh, the Feels!

I remember when I was still in grade school, I’m 31 now, staying the night at my friend’s house staying up late playing his Super Nintendo. The wonderful memories as we battled it out in Street Fighter 2. Not having much money growing up, my mom couldn’t afford to provide my siblings and us with… Continue reading Super Nintendo Classic Mini!! Oh, the Feels!

Let’s Play!! Stream for Steemit.

Live streaming gameplay is nothing new but has gained popularity in recent years. This has allowed many streamers to share some wonderful experiences. From informative to comical. I myself have witnessed some amazing events. Not only that, the pleasure of meeting some incredible people with great insight into the games I love. These and the… Continue reading Let’s Play!! Stream for Steemit.